PRN® De3乾眼配方魚油丸 (180粒/瓶)


經臨床驗證明* 每天服用 PRN De3 魚油 90 天後:
改善身體omega-3 濃度(減少炎症反應)

產品特點 :


PRN De3 魚油以先進的技術提煉,在去除毒素後,再去除乙醇,讓omega-3脂肪酸以清潔的甘油三酯形態存在,不但沒有魚腥味,而且更容易被身體吸收
平常要吃40 粒或以上的Omega-3魚油膠囊,才吸收到的Omega-3脂肪酸,現在吃4粒 PRN De3 魚油膠囊便可做到。

– 獨特的分子蒸餾過程,排除超過400種污染物質及致癌物質(PCBs) NSF® 驗證   cGMP 設施製造。

* Epitropoulos A., et al., Cornea. 2016 Sep; 35(9): 1185–1191
** Dyerberg J et al, Prostaglandins Leukotrines Essent. Fatty Acids (2010)



We will ship out the product within 72 hours after the order has been placed successfully on website.

Shipping Fee: (Currently only available in Hong Kong)

First 1Kg HKD 30
> 1kg HKD 12 for every 0.5kg


No return or exchange are accepted for opened product, therefore, customers should always double check product details (e.g. brand, lens power) are correct upon receipt of delivery.

Return Policy:

We have a 7 days Product Exchange Policy. Please contact us within 7 days upon receipt of package delivery via email or Whatsapp. We will send you a Product Exchange Confirmation afterwards.

You may either ship back the product to our office or make exchange at our retail store within 3 days after receiving our Product Exchange Confirmation. We only accept products that are unopened, without damage on their packaging and in a re-sellable condition. Customers are responsible for all shipping cost related to return and exchange products. 

We do not accept refund.


PRN® De3乾眼配方魚油丸 (180粒/瓶)

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