Brighter Optical Gift Voucher
Brighter Optical Gift Voucher
Brighter Optical Gift Voucher
Brighter Optical Gift Voucher



A gift of vision for your friends and beloved family! Cardholder can use it for anything at our online store or optical stores from eye glasses, contact lens, eye examinations or eye wear accessories. 

1. 此禮券不可兌換現金;

This gift voucher is non-exchangeable for cash;
2. 結帳前請向店員出示禮劵;

Present this gift voucher to staff before transaction;
3. 此禮券只可使用一次,每次限用一張;

Only one gift voucher can be use per transaction;
4. 禮劵須於發出日計3個月內使用;

Gift vouchers must be used within 3 months from the date of issue;
5. 此禮券的面值不可套換或找續現金;

No cash back upon redemption or at any other time;
6. 禮劵影印本無效;

Photocopies of this gift voucher are invalid;
7. 此禮券適用於任何付款方式;

This gift voucher is applicable to all kinds of payments;
8. 禮劵如有損壞、遺失或塗鴉,則予佢廢,不獲補發;

This gift voucher is invalid and non-replaceable if lost or found defaced or damaged;
9. 如有爭議,光明眼鏡及光明視光中心保留最終決定權。

Brighter Optical Co. & Brighter Optical Center reserves the right of final decision in

case of any dispute arising from the gift voucher.




首1公斤 港幣 30
> 1公斤 每 0.5 公斤 港幣 12


我們將於網站上成功下訂單後的 72 小時內發貨。


我們有 7 天的產品更換政策。請在收到包裹後 7 天內通過電子郵件或電話與我們聯繫。我們會向您發送產品更換通知。

您可以在收到我們的產品更換確認消息後的 3 天內將產品運回我們的辦公室或在我們的零售店進行更換。我們只接受未開封的產品更換 包裝並在 可轉售的條件。




Brighter Optical Gift Voucher

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